Lakeside Sauna

Lakeside Sauna

Saunas have become so popular that the term "sakatsu" has become an acronym for sauna activity. At AFUMI KITAKOMATSU, we have introduced an outdoor tent sauna, The outdoor tent sauna at AFUMI KITAKOMATSU offers a superb outdoor sauna experience with a lake view. Kitakomatsu is said to have the best water quality in Lake Biwa. Please enjoy the "Totonou" experience using Lake Biwa as a water bath.

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Lakeview Sauna Experience

Price 6,000 yen per couple
Half-price campaign until the end of June.
※Normal rates apply during the GW period.
Usage time 3:30p.m~4:30p.m、4:45p.m~5:45p.m

A three-layered curtain with high insulation properties is used to keep the heat inside and the cold air outside out, so you can experience a high-temperature sauna throughout the season.
The water bath is enjoyed in the wild style of jumping into Lake Biwa.
The beach in the Kita-Komatsu area, which stretches out in front of AFUMI, is said to have the best water quality and transparency in Lake Biwa, thanks to the water flowing from Hira Mountain, the highest peak in Lake Biwa.
The beach also offers a unique location with a spectacular view of Okishima Island, Mount Ibuki, and Omi Fuji, allowing you to enjoy the "Totonou" experience.

About Sauna

What is a sauna

What is a sauna?

Sauna is originally one of the bathing methods called steam bath, which is popular for improving metabolism and creating a healthy body by sweating in a hot room.
Wooden benches surrounding a sauna stove, which keeps the sauna room at 80 to 100°C, are common.
At AFUMI, you can enjoy the unique outdoor tent sauna.

What is a

What is a "Totonou"?

To get in shape in the sauna, the three steps are: sweat in the sauna room, cool the body's surface heat in the water bath, and then take an outside air bath (rest) to alternate between warm and cold baths.
By repeating these steps, the body warms up gradually from the inside, the head becomes clear, and a sense of well-being is experienced, which eventually leads to the realization of "Totonou".
At AFUMI, you can dive into Lake Biwa as a natural water bath and enjoy the experience of "Totonou" on the open beach.



The autonomic nervous system is easily regulated, which leads to stress reduction. In addition, blood flow improves, detoxification and metabolism increases, and other pleasant effects can be expected, depending on the individual.

How to enter the sauna

How to enter the sauna

Hydrate well, wash your body and head, and then it's time to enter the sauna.
Enter for 6 to 12 minutes, taking it easy.
Repeat the water bath and external air bath at the timing of your choice.
As for the duration of the external air bath, it is recommended to double the time spent in the sauna.



If you are not feeling well, tired, or a beginner, overexerting yourself may cause dizziness or dehydration.
It is also not recommended for those with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant women, and children under 10 years old.
Please refrain from using the sauna after drinking or eating.
Allow 1-2 hours after eating.
Please drink water frequently and enjoy the sauna to the extent that it is comfortable for you.

Sa-meshi for post-sauna fun

"Sa-meshi" for post-sauna fun

After getting ready in the sauna, the food is exceptional!
Due to the sweating in the sauna, the body is deficient in salt and sugar, so the sense of taste becomes more sensitive, and anything you normally eat, such as curry, ramen, alcohol, and convenience store sweets, can be tasty.
Of course it is BBQ that you eat after your sauna in glamping, but AFUMI also offers curry and drinks at the attached cafe.
Enjoy a "Totonou" experience with the menu of your choice.

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